Thursday, July 25, 2013

photoshoots during the winter lull...i love it...Models, Me and Self Portraits

JealousyJane also does photography. Did you know?  Here is a sunday afternoon in the snow with model Shyla Robson. She is wearing a vintage faux fur from my private collection. :)

Here are some self portraits I did a few days later as the snow continued to fall and create such a wonderful scene for us to play dress up and get creative 

sneak peak to my newest collection of JealousyJane Couture

here are some quick cell phone photos in my work space featuring some of my designs for upcoming runway that was rescheduled for Sept 7th:

here is my lovely intern Jessica Keys helping me with the lineup for the runway. its a hard job, but we love RUNWAY!!! but only if it is RUNWAY THE FUNWAY (our SLOGAN!)

wedding editorial submission for CoCo magazine with photo Cristy Elaine

I was reaching out to photographers who could help me attain better quality images of my work, and to increase my viewers and exposure, when i ran across photographer Cristy Elaine. I asked her if she would be interested in me sending her some of my new designs from my never seen before collections and she seemed very interested. She saw that I was working on a wedding gown, and approached me with a collaboration idea to submit to CoCo magazine call for submissions for their bridal issue. deadline is sept 27th for submissions, so...we have started planning. Three scenes. three gowns. model will be Shyla Robson, one of my fav models in the Midwest. here are some photos of the gown im working on now. I will be encrusting the bodice with pearls and rhinestones. I cannot wait to get more done on this.


Here is the second bridal look, more edgy and Bjork in style (to me). this photo was taken from our New Years Eve Editorial shot by Tara Jones of Guerrillashots photography. I think it will be a more modern and edgy approach to bridal. 
The third look will be with a white woven basket style fabric. I have not decided its shape yet, but i know it will be long and styled with a flower halo. I also make those Custom, to match my gowns. here is an example of my flower halos: 
model Leah Rae Kinder.

here are some photos I have added to the mood board for the shoot. I am very excited to be working on this, and the goal is to make it into the magazine. I think that with our talents combined we have a really good chance to make it into the magazine.